What we believe

We actually care. We want to relieve your pains. Money comes second. We believe you will create masterpieces that lift our society and people together with us.
We are not here to trick you and take your money. We believe one can always makes money being honest.
We will do what you need not what we need. We believe understanding your needs comes first and our solutions come thereafter.
We believe once we satisfy you, you will come back to us in the future. And, you will recommend us to your peers.
Let’s have fun shall we?

Why Chose Us

The DynamixMC Difference
The difference between DynamixMC and other agencies is our dedication to creativity and innovative ideas, commitment to find the best solutions and desire to build strong relationships with our clients. We are not hired to create one dimensional or average solutions. Our clients hire us to think outside the box.

Our Story

An Overview of DynamixMC
DynamixMC is a Maryland based fully integrated creative media company that provides a spectrum of customized automation solutions and services for companies in all industries, worldwide. We create and develop unique, cross-functional, high impact solutions and services that are most logical, practical and geared towards our client’s needs. Our main focus areas include services in Web Presence Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Online Application Design and Mobile App Design and Development.
Founded in 2009, our company consists with a talented pool of artists, designers, developers, marketers, and social media enthusiasts with over 20 years of experience. We are an active federal and state Small Business. We can brag about how much we are committed to our customers, but we rather let our clients tell you.

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Featured Clients

  • Maryland State Department of Education
  • MHAMD Org’s Healthy New Moms
  • VERSA I.S., Inc.
  • Heritage Preservation Org
  • Dupill Group, Inc.
  • The Oakleaf Group, LLC
  • 5 Stones Intelligence
  • DA&T
  • HumanTouch, LLC
  • 5GW Educational Institute
  • iFlourish Online
  • Avi Career Training
  • Newman Law Offices
  • Integrated Design Tools, Inc.
  • 500BC Inc.